The Divine Heart, Will, and Infinite Love

The Divine Heart of God the Father, His Divine Will, and Infinite Love are one. We cannot be in one of them without being in all of them at the same time. Yet many, if not most, of us neither want to be in Our Father’s Heart nor in His Holy Will, despite wanting His Infinite Love for ourselves without cease. We just want. And we want greedily and endlessly. But we seem chronically unable and unwilling to give Our Father anything in return for His immeasurable Benevolence. Is such behavior from us, therefore, just and fair? Or, in reality, is there no end to our self-centered lust and greed? For it is lust that is the basis for both such greed on our part and our ongoing defiance and resistance, no matter the overt rationalizations, to becoming and truly being Our Father’s children throughout our daily lives. 

Just like that world-famous, proverbial miser Ebenezer Scrooge, we want to be infinitely loved, but we are not ready to give even a glimmer of love in return. We want everything that is good – emotionally, materially, physically, and spiritually – to be ours: in fact some of us will even fight to get it! But we are ongoingly “not ready” to reciprocate even just a tiny bit, both in our relationship with Our own Father and with our brethren. We both expect and continue loudly to maintain that “we are children of God!” Yet we continue to resist returning to truly live our lives in God the Father’s Divine Heart and Will. The profound wounding and pain that our resistance derived from self-love causes Our sweet and ever-tender Father, in the Core of His Divine Heart, is unimaginable by human standards. Yet we will all know without fail, through the sudden appearance of the immensity, infinity, and purity of His Light in the core of our beings, both the entirety and the depth of the wounds we have inflicted and continue to indifferently inflict upon Our gentle Father. For the Divine Heart, Will, and Infinite Love of God the Father are one and nothing that is not, or resists being re-incorporated back, in His Heart and Will is going to remain standing.