More from the Divine Family – 23

“Lie in Me Who Am Strength” (God the Father, 3/31/11).  “Rest on Me Who Am the Bread of Life (…) I want you to rely on no one but Me” (Jesus, 4/1-3/11). “Ask Me for the graces you need and I will give them to you” (Mary, 4/3/11). “Will you console Me?” (Jesus, 4/4/11). “Love! (…) I love you with such Love (…) My Divine Son loves you (…) Love, I want love from you!” (God the Father, 4/3-5/11). “Come to Me and I will give you rest (…) Drink from Me Who Am the fountain of Life” (Jesus, 4/7/11). “Come rest in My Heart (…) Let My Son heal your wounds” (God the Father, 4/13-16/11).