Loving Our Father and the deepest desire of His Divine Heart

Are we ready to love God the Father with the entirety of our beings, that is with all our minds, hearts, strengths, and souls? Or do we keep on insisting on retaining various parts of ourselves for our own selves, for whatever ‘rational’ reasons we may come up with, such reasons seeming to be always so plentiful and handy? God the Father – in the Core of His Divine Heart, through His Son Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit – desires a relationship of infinite union and love with us: with each and every single one of His children. Do we, however, desire such a relationship of union with Him? That is the one, true, most intimate, and infinitely loving relationship that can ever occur between a child and the Father?

Many of us profess to believe in God and some of us state, loudly and proudly, that we love God. However, if we are not ready to love Our Father with the entirety of our beings – that is above all else, with the core of our hearts, and all of our strengths, minds, and souls – what kinds of beliefs and love are we, in essence, professing? Love of God or love of ourselves? For love – true love, genuine love – always contains within it sacrificial love. Hence the question arises: what, in reality, are we ready to wholeheartedly give Our Father? Ourselves, with our entireties, or simply parts of ourselves, generally parts that we do not want? Or are we still not yet ready to give Him anything at all? Wanting, always requesting and greedily taking, but not giving anything in return? What relationship, therefore, do we presently have and/or would like to have with Our Father? For God the Father intensely and longingly desires to have the most intimate relationship of union with all His children.