Words from God the Father – 69

“Love is the fabric of life, yet My children do not want My Love. They seek love everywhere except in Me, God their Father. How can you live when you do not know Me? How can you live without Me Who gave you the kiss of Life? I created you. I held you in the palm of My Hand as I created you, when I breathed life in you, into your souls. (The Holy Spirit): And yet, you do not know Me Who Am the very Breath of your life, the Creator Spirit. (God the Father): Love Himself descended upon you when He created you, in and through My Will. Yet you prefer everything that the world has to offer you rather than what I, your God, can provide you with. Eternal Life, eternal salvation, sanctity: the very food of your souls. Love is the word that creates life, Love is the word that leads to salvation. Yet you prefer your ruin, your eternal ruin, rather then to return to Me, the Lord your God. How long am I to put up with your rebellion? How long am I to await your repentance from your hearts? And yet, I Am salvation for who lives in Me gains eternal life” (5/7/11).