Words from God the Father – 71

“I want My children, I want them all back, yet few desire to suffer for their brothers and sisters. Will you help bring My children back to Me? (…) I love you, I Am your Father Who loves you in eternity (…) Help Me bring My children back Home. Those children of Mine who remain stubborn and do not want to know Me. Otherwise they will be lost forever. Love Me, give Me your consent by loving Me. For in loving Me, you will be loving your brothers and sisters. In consenting to My plan, you will be cooperating with Divine grace. For only I know how much is needed to bring your brothers and sisters back to Me, only I know how many are lost right now. I need you (…) to bring Me back souls (…) My Love is trampled on (…) I love you, I give you My Peace”  (5/13/11)