What Our Father has always wanted

God the Father has always desired to have our heartfelt love. No more, no less. He has both wanted and keeps on deeply and intensely wanting – and waiting for – our love, from the very core of our beings, so that He can rejoice in us and we can reciprocally delight and joyfully rejoice in Him as our real Father Who He Is. However we keep on insisting, both to ourselves and others, in not wanting Him. Not desiring Him, nor seeking Him. Marginalizing and neglecting Him to all intents and purposes from our minds, hearts, and lives; consequently from our souls.

We continue stubbornly and persistently in doing all this, despite the lip-service that we proclaim ever-so-loudly and -proudly to regularly ‘pay’ Him. Together with the immutable facts that He both created us in the first instance and that, without His ever-gracious Benevolence, we would not even be able to continue breathing in the present moment. Facts that many, if not most, of us do not like to ponder on and certainly avoid pondering for any particular length of time. Leading us to conveniently ‘forget’ their fundamentality because they rouse our consciences, making us feel uncomfortable.

What do we want, therefore, from our Father? What are we, in reality, seeking if we had to be truthful with ourselves? Do we just want a one-way relationship where we just take and take, but do not give anything in return? Or optionally give begrudgingly and miserly, with the epitomes of selfishness and lustful greed crowning our efforts? Or do we instead desire, even to a minimal degree, to both become and be true children of God the Father? That Glorious Father of ours Who intensely desires to hold us tightly, and love us unfathomably, in His Divine Heart? For we know what our Father has always wanted and keeps on wanting from each and every one of us: our love and, most of all, our hearts and souls.

What are we, therefore, going to do? Are we going to be counted among the lukewarm, the disinterested, maybe even the utterly indifferent? Or are we going to stand up and be counted as true children of the One, True, and Only Father; by letting Him finally be an integral part of our lives? The decision is ours and ours alone to make, given that our Father never tramples on our free-will. However time is, without doubt, pressing and the decision needs to be made. What is our decision, therefore, going to be?