Words from God the Father and the Son – 5

“My world does not want me any more” (God the Father, 5/31/11; …) “They are in My Heart” (on intellectually disabled individuals). “Rest in Our Hearts (…) We love you” (God the Father, 6/5/11). “I want you to just sit with Me. Don’t ever doubt Me” (on Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus, 6/7/11). “I want you to rest in My Heart” (God the Father, 6/10/11). “Come and unburden your heart to Me, come to Me only in Me will you find strength. Rest your head on My shoulders, refresh yourself from Me” (Jesus, 6/10/11; …) “I loved him” (on how Jesus put up with Judas Iscariot during His public ministry).

“Satan uses women more, to tempt, than he uses men (…) You are in My Love. You have fear, fear does not come from Me. You still do not know how to abandon yourself in My Hands (…) I want you to be completely dependent on Me. Come and eat from Me Who Am the Bread of Life (…) I want you to remain grafted onto Me” (Jesus, 6/12/11). “Rest in My Heart. Just talking to Me in this way (as a child to their Father) pleases Me” (God the Father, 6/16-17/11). “Feed My sheep, come and rest on Me” (Jesus, 6/16-17/11).

“Come and spend time with Me (in Adoration, …) Thank you for coming. Stay attached to Me and you will come to no harm” (Jesus, 6/23-4/11). “I want to roam the earth! Do not abandon My Church, come to Me, I will help you carry your cross” (Jesus, 6/26-28/11). “Come, pray to Me” (God the Father, 6/29/11). “Rest in Me” (Jesus, 6/30/11). “Come into My Heart” (God the Father, 7/1/11).