The Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will

The coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will of God the Father – the descent from Heaven of the New Jerusalem – has commenced. But who among us is willing to become ready, or is indeed ready, to enter into it? Peace, Love, Joy, and Happiness – the peace, love, joy, and happiness of Heaven itself – are the characteristics of the New Jerusalem as, who lives in it, lives in union with the Most Holy Trinity in the intertwining, but boundless, fabric of the Divine Will. But who among us is ready to cleanse and open up their hearts and souls, in order for the Holy Trinity to start living in them in fullness? Who of us and, indeed, how many of us are going to take up this ‘challenge’ so that one by one, in snowball fashion, the era of peace and holiness can be ushered in, in its totality? Let us ponder where we want to live the rest of our lives, whether in order or in disorder, whether in peace – true peace – or in distress, for the coming of our Father’s Kingdom has begun.