The Divine Love – Thought for the day

The Divine Love – God the Father in His Majesty and Splendor, Truth and Infinity – intensely desires to penetrate into, and reside fully, in our beings; in the very hearts of our souls. But are we ready to let Our Father come and reside in us as His little, pure, living temples – little lilies – here on earth? In both essence and fact becoming little cities, the footstools, of His rest; collectively Mount Zion (Rv 7, 14). For Our Father is only waiting for our “yes” to Him, our fiat, in order to descend from His heavenly Throne with His Presence and start living with us, in us, and among us; as He originally intended for mankind to live.

However are we still being hesitant, for the most part, if not actively and wilfully obstinate and recalcitrant, in accepting Our Father’s desire: the greatest and most intense desire of His Divine Heart? Or are we starting to realize, either to a greater or lesser extent, that without Our Father – our Maker and One, True Father – we cannot ever achieve anything good? Because only in, with, through, and for Our Heavenly Father can we both have and live in Life, Light, and Love.