God the Father: Infinite Love

Love – Infinite Love – is Our Father’s Name. Yet we do not want Him, we do not desire Him, and for the most part we do everything that we can in order to ignore Him and consign Him to the mold-gathering books of history. In and through our enactment of such process, hoping beyond our wildest dreams to obliterate Him from our lives and the life of the world forever. And yet our most powerful Father has both loved and continues to love us with Love that we cannot humanly fathom. Love both that and Who Is so intensely desirous of us, that He keeps on pleading with us to return to Him, despite all the wounds that we continue to mercilessly and ruthlessly inflict upon Him through our wilful rejection, neglect, and outright abandonment of Him; as well as our ongoing coldness and indifference toward Him.

Why do we continue to seek to wound, and this so grieviously, our One, True and most beloved Father? That Father Who Is so tender and gentle in His very Being that He humbly sets aside His Majesty, and descends from His heavenly Kingdom in order to scoop us up, wrap us, and place us ever so carefully in the very Core of His Divine Heart, so that we can live united – in Him, and He in us – upon our showing even the faintest inclination of acknowledging Him as Our Father? Relatedly, why do we continue to seek to inflict harm upon our own selves – that is upon the present and future of our souls, for in essence and fact that is what we are doing – by wounding the One who has made us who we are? The Father Who has breathed Life into us so that we could live, in order that we could take the very breaths of life that we are indeed breathing right at the present moment, even as we are reading this writing?

If only we knew fully what living in Our Father’s Divine Heart is like – that is to live with our entireties in His Divine Will, His Infinite Love, moment-by-moment, at every moment of our lives (yes, it is doable!) – many of us would probably die for joy. Because our hearts – our poor, human, but above all seriously unprepared hearts – would be unable to contain the fullness of Happiness both that and Who we would experience. And yet many, if not most, of us prefer to continue to live in darkness, misery, and sin (the very darkness of Death himself), and even dare to complain about the natural consequences of this, rather than to open ourselves up to living in the Life, Light, and Love of our One, True Father. In sum, therefore, many of us still seem to prefer to live as blind-folded, sitting or squatting ducks, rather than as true children of the living God.