Words of God the Son – 10

 “I love you (…) I want to come and live in your heart forever. Grant Me My wish, grant Me My wish. I want to come and live in your heart (…) Your heart is My garden, I want to live in it. I want to prune it and make it shine like My Kingdom in Heaven, so that it pleases me and makes up for all the sorrows I have to endure because of the coldness of mankind. The indifference and hatred of men’s hearts. Accept My wish to come and live permanently in your heart, please accept My plea. I wish to make My home in you. Soon I will have nowhere to go on earth because I will be banished from My very own Tabernacles. I will be foreclosed from the face of the earth but I Am and I want to live on earth among My people, all the people I have Redeemed with My own Body and Blood! Please let Me make My home in you (…) let Me make My home in your heart so that I can still draw mankind to Myself. If you accept My plea, I will reward you greatly” (7/25/10).