Words of God the Son – 11

“I love it when you are persecuted in My Name for only in that way will you be able to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Every time you are beaten up, My Glory becomes fully reflected within you: you become less visible, closer to Me. I was called possessed, mad, a heretic, the Son of Beelzebub during My time on earth. The high priests proclaimed that I was casting out devils in Satan’s name. I was crucified on the basis of a lie – that I was not the Son of God. Do not expect to be treated better than your Master has been. Every time someone persecutes you in My Name or in the Name of  My Family, all the angels in Heaven rejoice because you are atoning for the multitude of sins of this world and your level of sanctification increases. I Am returning on earth through My persecuted ones who refuse to retaliate in My Name in return for evil committed. This is precisely what My first apostles did, this is how it is going to be. I bless you, have My Peace” (8/3/10).