Words of Mary – 4

“Please give My Son a home, He is not going to have anywhere to live soon on earth because His children, His own people, do not want Him. My Son’s House – His Temple, His Most Holy Abode – is going to be ransacked, vandalized, brutalized, defaced, mutilated, and destroyed beyond recognition. Please give Him a home, He desires to be on earth with His people, among His people. But soon My Son will have nowhere to live on earth so He wishes, among other things, to come into your heart. Please accept Him (…) do not be afraid. Not a hair on your head shall be harmed. I Myself will guide you and protect you, the entire Heavenly court will defend you. You will have no cause for concern. Nobody shall be able to harm you because My Son will not let them destroy the Temples He Is building in people’s hearts. Satan may try – indeed he will try – to revenge himself on you, as he always does, should you accept. But know that no harm shall come to you, you have My pledge. Nothing will happen to you unless the Father wills it and He has willed that you become one of the Temples of My Son. It is His and My Son’s desires. As such it is My desire too because My Son’s desires are My own desires. Please accept Our desires, please accept My plea, from a Mother (…) To present to My Son and the Father in consolation and reparation for the sins of the world: those atrocious sins of mankind upon whom the Father’s unrestrained wrath will soon fall in order that Justice can be achieved. Because mankind has sinned too much and has repeatedly refused to repent, repair, and obey the Father’s Will. So be not afraid (…) We will protect you, We will defend you, and We will safeguard you. Nothing shall harm you for I shall be at your side to guide you and to protect you. I give you My peace” (7/25/10).