The primacy of Our Father

Everything that we have and that we are come from God the Father. As Our Eternal Father and Creator, He made us. He both provided for us and continues to provide for us continually, right up to this very instance; looking out for our welfare even when we omit to do so ourselves. However in repayment we have neglected, marginalized, ostracized, forgotten, and abandoned Our Father for centuries. Not least by some of His very own people: those who are supposed to know Him the best and be closest to Him. In fact, we have both treated and continue to treat Our Father as significantly less than even mere acquaintances whom we encounter in our daily lives! Despite all the erudite stories that we can and do come up with, in order to rationalize and ‘justify’ our behavior.  

We turn to Him when we need Him: that is when both everything and everyone else fail us. Then after Our Father grants us our hearts’ desires out of the Infinite Mercy of His Divine Heart – a Heart that loves us with such Love that we seem chronically incapable of comprehending, hence internalizing, precisely because of the stinginess, the gross miserliness, that reside in our own hearts – without fail, we proceed to forget all about Him once again. In both essence and fact kicking Our Father – our most beloved, tender, sweet, and loving Father – to the curb, as though He does not exist. Relegating Him anew to the back burner, in the role we seem to have so conveniently (for ourselves) assigned to Him as ‘grace dispenser’ of need. Rather than The Father Who both Is and has every right, claim, and prerogative to be at the very center of our lives. The Father from Whom all things originate and flow including Life, Light, and Love – the very lives that we have, the breaths that we take; our very own existence. In short, we use Him and seem to experience little-to-no guilt or shame in doing so, inevitably begging the questions, “How would you feel if somebody used you? How do you feel when others use you?”

We are Our Father’s children. And yet, to the extent that we continue to persist in enacting the above – including all the ‘beautiful’ rationalizations that we can come up with – we are not our Father’s children, for we do not behave as such. We are unfilial to the extreme. Ungrateful and self-centered at best, consumed without end by inordinate self-love, despite our ongoing denials of such facts. Constantly and chronically preferring to give primacy to ourselves rather than to Whom it really belongs: that is to Our Heavenly Father. Quite ignorantly, in fact, failing to realize in our ‘erudition’ that when we do place Our Father first, as is both His right and in accord with the natural order of things, everything else falls into place with great ease and simplicity; no matter how hard or impossible things may have seemed or been beforehand. And yet despite all the aforementioned betrayals and wounds that we both insist on, and persist in, inflicting upon that most sensitive tenderness of His Divine Heart, God the Father continues to desire with infinite intensity our true filial companionship and love. That is the filial companionship and love toward Him, of true children of The Father: the One, True, and decidedly Living God.