Benedict XVI (2011): “Il Primato di Dio Padre” [The Primacy of God the Father]

 “Il primato di Dio Padre: dove Lui non c’è, niente può essere buono. E’ una priorità decisiva per tutto.”

“The real ground of all things . . . [is] the God who acts, who intervenes in our lives, and wants to take us by the hand. With this kind of discourse the Divine Teacher invites us to recognise, first and foremost, the primacy of God the Father. Where He is not present, nothing good can exist. He is a crucial priority for all things. Kingdom of Heaven means, in fact, lordship of God and this means that His will must be adopted as the guiding criterion of our existence . . . Hence if we are children of such a great and good Father, let us seek to be like Him!” (Benedict XVI, Vatican Angelus, 17th July, 2011).