For Your Intentions

How many of us, if any at all, say at a minimum some prayers “for Your Intentions” to God the Almighty Father? That is how many of us give Him, at the very least, some prayers so that He can make use of them freely for the benefit of souls, according to the desires of His Divine Heart? For those of us who pray, no matter the process employed, we generally pray for the intentions of various individuals, not least our very own selves. Meanwhile some of us additionally pray not just to, but also for the fulfillment of the intentions of, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and/or the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

But how many of us either give, or are ready to give, Our Father at least some prayers and this regularly, to dispose of them as He sees fit for the good of souls, without attempting to impose upon Him limitations as to what (we like so much to presume) He can or cannot do with our prayers? In plain language, how many of us really and truly care about the intentions of Our Eternal Father, that is for the desires of His Divine Heart, to be fulfilled? Even though His desires benefit, both immediately and ultimately, ourselves and all mankind; hence the whole world. So how generous or stingy are we, in reality, with regard to giving Our Father free rein with our offerings of prayer? Especially given that we certainly cannot see things the way He does: we do not have His Omnipotent worldview.

It would be wise of us to give Our Father, at the least, some daily prayers in the above-mentioned manner – specifically, “for Your Intentions, Father” – so that He can take them for souls without presumptuous limitations from ourselves; using them in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend. Furthermore, when we manifest this kind of generosity toward Our Father, given that inherent in such giving are (1) acknowledgment of His Omnipotence and Wisdom, hence our unknowingness; (2) filial acceptance of pleasing His Divine Heart, by actually caring about His Heart’s desires; and (3)spiritual charity toward our brethren souls, especially if these are unknown to us, Our Father never fails to literally shower us with graces that we would not previously have even been able to imagine. And this because, in both essence and fact, in so doing we accept to give Him free rein – hence reign – in our lives, a reign that is both His prerogative and desire since He first created mankind.