Entering into the New Jerusalem

Our Father wants us to be like little children, trusting and abandoning ourselves in Him for everything. So that He can effectively direct and lead us Himself, into the New Jerusalem – the era of Peace and holiness. But many of us keep on resisting abandoning ourselves to Our Father’s Divine Will, living in His Divine Heart and Infinite Love. Preferring instead to, insistently and stubbornly, keep on doing our own thing – the stamp of pride. How long, therefore, is it going to take us to learn? To listen to, heed, and obey our most beloved Father?

The Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth only wants to give us good things: things that we cannot even begin to fathom, in our imagination, with regard to their sweet goodness. So why do we keep on being so stupid, as to deny and reject Goodness in all its dimensions? The longer we take to realize this, the more opposition and resistance we put up, the more the miseries of our present world will be both prolonged and increased. For as originally planned at the beginning, Our Father has decided to come and live with his children on earth, in the heart of our souls. He wants to walk with us and in us, during our earthly lives. Do we want to walk with Him and in Him?