The Father of the Unwanted

God Our Almighty Father is the beloved and tender Father of the unwanted. He is the Father of all those who were, are, and continue to be marginalized, disdained, despised, mocked, ostracized, ridiculed, and oppressed in families, communities, and societies. Our Father actively and positively delights in choosing, literally picking up, and making Himself most intimately known to the unwanted. In fact, He does this to a degree not generally done with others: the more families, communities, and societies do not want said individuals; the more Our Father’s Heart desires them to be nestled in His bosom, and He delights in picking them up and showing Himself to them.

He does this precisely because the unwanted joyfully welcome God the Father into their hearts, minds, and souls, offering Him little-to-no resistance. Thus allowing Him to make His home in them, in the heart of their souls, living in them, with them, for them, and through them. Hence the unwanted are preferred, in living in Our Father’s Divine Heart, because they allow Him to manifesting the fullness of His Glory and Majesty as Omnipotent Father, both to them and to the world, without hindrance.