Cenacles of the Divine Heart of Our Father – Thought for the day

Our Glorious, Heavenly Father desires profoundly that all families, individuals, communities, and societies start holding weekly cenacles to His Divine Heart. God the Father desires this because He wants to be a central part and parcel of our daily lives. As such, Our generous Father has attached the promise of granting, to cenacle participants, all the graces that they may need, to live habitually in His Divine Will.

Yet so few of us even desire to pray to Our Almighty Father, let alone hold regular cenacles to His Divine Heart. Despite the fact that God the Father experiences indescribable joy and happiness when we pray directly to Him as Our Father, especially when we hold cenacles to His Divine Heart: Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love that He unfailingly showers upon us, in recompense for having fulfilled His Heart’s desire.  

Questions: What can each and every one of us do, to remedy this situation, both consoling and bringing joy to Our Father’s wounded Heart? As well as obtaining everything that we need, to live easily in His Divine Will? Why would any of us want to pass on gaining such tremendous graces, especially since they are given to us for FREE, just for the asking? Or have we become so proud that we believe we do not need such graces, or any additional graces for that matter, thinking that we can achieve anything that we want solely on our own initiative?