The Era of the 8th Day: Living in the New Israel – 3

“Look, I am going to create new heavens and a new earth; and the past will not be remembered and will come no more to mind. Rather be joyful, be glad for ever at what I am creating, for look, I am creating Jerusalem to be ‘Joy,’ and My people to be ‘Gladness.’ I shall be joyful in Jerusalem and I shall rejoice in My people. No ore will the sound of weeping be heard there, nor the sound of a shriek; never again will there be an infant there who lives only a few days, nor an old man who does not run his full course. For the youngest will die at a hundred and at a hundred the sinner will be accursed.”

“They will build houses and live in them, they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They will not build for others to live in, or plant for others to eat; for the days of My people will be like the days of a tree, and My chosen ones will themselves use what they have made. They will not toil in vain, nor bear children destined to disaster; for they are the race of Yahweh’s blessed ones and so are their offspring. Thus, before they call I shall answer; before they stop speaking I shall have heard. The wolf and the young lamb will feed together, the lion will eat hay like the ox, and dust be the serpent’s food. No hurt, no harm will be done on all My holy mountain,” Yahweh says (Is 65:17-25).