Loving God with simplicity of heart – Thought for the day

Our Father and Jesus do not care about who we are, whether we have fancy degrees, elite societal positions, or otherwise. All that They care about is whether we truly love Them: that is, with genuineness and simplicity of heart. It does not take much to please both God the Father and Jesus. In fact, it takes very little and entails absolutely no forking out of money whatsoever. All that They desire is our hearts.

Questions: God our Father and Jesus ask for so little, cannot we even do this? Have we become such a hard-hearted people that we cannot even give a tiny, little bit of love to the One Who loved and keeps loving us so much: the Triune God? Have we truly become stone-faced and granite-hearted? Or is there still a residue somewhere, a small flickering flame still alive, albeit extremely well-hidden, somewhere in our hearts? Have we become a truly poor and pathetic people, or can we still be defined as human beings?