Words from God the Father and the Son – 8

“Without love you cannot live. Love! My children’s hearts have grown cold. Unloved, they attempt to seek their pleasure elsewhere, but they cannot find rest. When will you learn that without Me, you cannot find rest? When will you learn that without Me – without life in Me – you are dead, you cannot live?” (God the Father, 10/19/11).

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and yet you try to live in everything and everyone but Me. Who can fill you up like I can? Who can satisfy your needs like I can? And yet, you do not seek Me. You stay away. How can I help you, if you do not let Me help you? When are you going to learn that you cannot live apart from your Creator, your Redeemer and your Sanctifier? When are you going to learn that you cannot live without Us? We are here and we wait for you. Yet you do not want to return. We love you and we desire to have you live with Us forever. When are you going to come back, to live in Our Hearts?” (Jesus, 10/19/11). 

“Unloved, the world will die. Only Love can revive it, only Love. The love of My Spirit Whom no one wants, Whom the world rejects. Only in and through My Daughter can you come to know His Love (because They are espoused). But you do not want Her either, while expecting My Mercy to remain. Love is non-existent in your hearts. Only when Love returns will there be Peace” (God the Father, 10/19/11).

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