The Great Return – Thought for the day

The times we are living in – our present times – are the time of the Great Return to the Divine Heart of our One, True and Almighty Father. What we do, or do not consider doing, now will significantly impact where we shall be spending eternity. For when Our Father’s grace ends – when He withdraws His graces from the world and He will – those who may then wish to return will be unable to do so, for they will not be strong enough to remain steadfast, in the face of heavy persecution and more.

Questions: So what is it going to be? Where do you desire to spend eternity: Heaven or Hell? Yes, there truly are such things as Heaven and Hell. Neither of them are myths, despite current popular opinion to the contrary. They both exist and you do not want to wait until you are the gate of the latter, to find out that it is real. For then you will not be able to reconsider your choice, despite an immeasurable desire to do so on your part.

Start pondering this question, therefore, without any further delay. Make a conscious, free-will choice about where you want to spend the rest of your life and eternity. Do not wait for things to become more evident, more blatant, for you do not have knowledge about what your particular outcome is going to be. We are presently, in both essence and fact, living on borrowed time. Our Father’s present Goodness and patience do not last forever.