The mystical Levitical priesthood – 2 – Slaying the lie of God the Father’s inexistence

As Phinehas, grandson of Aaron (Ex 6:25), was called to slay the lie – the heresy – of Pe’or, that resulted in the near-annihilation of the Israelites by God’s wrath, before reaching the promised land (Nb 25:1-13). And Judith, wife of Manasseh (Jth, chapters 8-13), was similarly called to slay the lie of Nebuchadnezzar as god, to save the Israelites anew from oppression and annihilation. So are we – each and every single one of us – called to rise up without fear and symbolically slay the present lie of God’s non-existence, together with the idolatry of all false gods. The lie that constitutes, in both essence and fact, the heresy of the 21st century.