The Era of the 8th Day – 9 – the Era of Deification and Holiness

We shall delight thoroughly in God the Almighty Father and He shall delight in us. We shall live fully with Him, in Him, for Him and through Him; while He shall live with us, in us, for us and through us. We shall be truly His children and He shall be our One, True and only God. Order and peace – presently unimaginable order and peace – will reign, and heavenly joy, love and happiness will prevail upon the earth. Not a single thing will be out of place, for Our Father is perfect Order: He cannot live where disorder reigns.

We will live as Our Father had originally intended us to live and Infinite Love will be the very center of our lives, our souls. His Divine Will shall be our daily bread. Holiness and deification – theosis – will be easily attained by all who aspire to them, for the evil one and his minions will not be around to tempt, harass and attack. Such is a very brief picture of how we shall be living in the upcoming era of the 8th day: the era of peace and holiness, as well as towering sainthood.