Words from God the Father – 76

“You are a little child. You are a little child in the palm of My Almighty Hands. My Glory manifests itself through you, because you have allowed yourself to be used in this manner. Tell My children to love Me and I will do great things for them (…) I love you with a profundity of Joy that you cannot understand. If all My children had to love Me in this manner, there would be no war on earth, no suffering; only Joy. But My children’s hearts have become hardened through the attempts of the deceiver.”

“However all of that shall now end and My Reign will commence on earth. My children will know Joy once more. They will all know Joy, Love, Peace and Happiness because they will not be tempted away from Me any longer. I AM the Living God and I WILL reign! In your hearts, in your minds, in your bodies and in your souls. You WILL love Me with all your strength for I AM. I will tolerate deceivers no more. Go in Peace now, to serve your brothers and sisters. And remember: even when you do not feel Me, I am always in your heart” (the heart of my soul; 11/20/11).