The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 15

The First Icon of God the Father in the Catholic Church: Part 2

Meanwhile, as part of the above revelations that God the Father gave to Mother Eugenia (Ravasio, 1932/1989), He requested that a feast-day be instituted in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church; so that He could be honored through the title, “Father of All Mankind” (p. 11). The Father additionally requested that the said feast-day be preferably held on the first Sunday of August. Needless to say, such a feast-day has yet to be instituted in the calendar of the universal Church, despite the Father’s repeated and even more recent requests that He be honored in such a manner (St Andrews Productions, 2009). The latter requests are presently under diocesan investigation. However, in the revelations that He gave to Mother Eugenia (1932/1989), God the Father continued clarifying His desires and intentions as follows.

He stated, “I desire that all the clergy should undertake to promote this devotion and, most of all, to make Me known to men as . . . the most tender and the most lovable of all fathers. I desire them to bring Me into all families, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, barracks, conference halls, of the ministers of nations-in short, wherever My creatures are, even if there were only one of them! I desire that the tangible sign of My invisible presence be a picture to show that I am really present. Thus, all men will carry out all their actions under their Father’s gaze and I Myself will have before Me the creature that I have not only created but adopted. In this way, My children will be as it were, under their tender Father’s gaze . . . I would like to be represented in a tangible way!” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, p. 12). The Father continued, “I have just opened up a fountain of living water which will never dry up from now until the end of time. I am coming to you, My creatures, to open My paternal Breast, filled with love for you, My children. I want you to be witnesses of My infinite and merciful love. It is not enough for Me to have shown you My love; I also want to open up My Heart to you, whence a refreshing spring will issue and where all men will quench their thirst. They will then experience joys they have never known until now, through being so weighed down by the exaggerated fear they had of Me, their tender Father” (ibid., p. 13).

God the Father declared, “Since the time when I promised men a Saviour, I have let this spring gush forth . . . I made it pass through My Son’s Heart to reach you. But My immense love for you makes Me do even more, opening My Breast from Which this water of salvation will gush for My Children, and I permit them to draw freely whatever they need for time and for eternity . . .Approach the spring which will gush forever from My Fatherly Breast. Taste the sweetness of this health-giving water and when you have felt all its delicious power in your souls satisfying all your needs come and cast yourselves into the ocean of My charity, so as to live only in Me, to die to yourselves and to live eternally in Me” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, p. 14). He added, “Happy are those who believe this truth and who take advantage of this time about which the Scriptures have spoken thus: ‘there will come a time when God must be honoured and loved by men as He desires.’ The Scriptures then go on to ask: ‘Why’ and answer ‘Because He alone is worthy of honour, love and praise forever!’ . . . I am coming to proclaim Myself The Father of all and the most tender of fathers, in order to transform your love, which has become distorted by fear. I come to make Myself similar to My creatures, to correct the idea you have of a terrifying just God, as I see men spending their whole lives without confiding in their only Father, Whose only wish is to make their earthly life easier and then give them a divine life, in heaven” (ibid., p. 15).

The Almighty then emphasized, “ALL THOSE WHO CALL ME BY THE NAME OF FATHER, EVEN IF ONLY ONCE, WILL NOT PERISH, BUT WILL BE SURE OF THEIR ETERNAL LIFE AMONG THE CHOSEN ONES . . . It is necessary to bring to fulfillment in the holy Church the devotion which honours in a very special way this society’s Author, the One who came to found, it and the One who is its soul, God in three Persons: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Until the three Persons are honoured by a special devotion in the Church and the whole of mankind, there will be something lacking in this society . . . Now My hour has come. I myself am coming to make men, My children, know what, until today, they have not understood completely. I Myself am coming to bring the flame of the law of love so that, by this means, the enormous layer of ice that surrounds mankind can be melted and destroyed” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, pp. 15-16). He stated, “If men could penetrate the Heart of Jesus in all Its desires and Its glory, they would realize that Its most ardent desire is to glorify the Father, the One Who sent Him, and most of all, not to let His glory be diminished as it has been until now. He desires the complete glory that men can and must give Me, as their Father and Maker, and still more as the Author of their Redemption! . . . Do not think I want austerities or mortification; I do not want you to walk barefoot or to lay your faces in the dust, or to cover yourselves with ashes. No, no! My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me! With you I will become everything for everyone, the most tender and loving Father. I will be on intimate terms with you, giving Myself to you all, making Myself small so as to make you great for eternity” (ibid., p. 17).

God the Father continued, “I will let a ray of peace fall upon anyone who honours Me and trusts in Me, so that he will be relieved in all his troubles, all his worries, sufferings and afflictions, especially if he calls Me and loves Me as his Father. If families honour Me and love Me as their Father, I will give them My peace together with My providence. If workers, businessmen and artisans invoke and honour Me, I will give them My peace and My strength, I will show Myself to be the good and merciful Father. If each Christian community invokes and honours Me, I will give it My-peace, I will show Myself to be a most loving Father, and through My power I will ensure the eternal salvation of souls. If all mankind invokes and honours Me, I will bring down upon it the spirit of peace like a benevolent dew. If all nations, as such, invoke and honour Me, there will be no more discord, nor wars, because I am the God of peace and where I am, there no war can be” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, p. 18).

He then added, “I am the holiness of which I possess the perfect and full expression; I offer you this holiness, of which I am the Author, through My Holy Spirit, and I instill it in your souls through My Son’s merits. It is through My Son and the Holy Spirit that I am coming to you and into you, and it is in you that I seek My repose . . .You can be sure that in those moments when God is reposing in His creatures, nothing will be refused you . . . Since you know My favourite place of rest, are you not going to offer Me it? I am your Father and your God; will you dare refuse Me this? Oh, do not let Me suffer because of your cruelty towards a Father Who is asking you for this one favour for Himself” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, pp. 18-19).

God the Father then concluded, “Do not refuse Me this joy which I desire to enjoy with you! I will give it back to you a hundredfold and, since you will honour Me, I will honour you too, by preparing great glory for you in My kingdom! . . . I will show Myself to be the Father of all those who are abandoned, the outcasts of every human society. I will show Myself as a Father to the afflicted, the sick, and above all, to those who are in agony. I will show Myself as a Father to all families, to orphans, widows, prisoners, workers and the young. I will show Myself as the Father of kings, the Father of their nations. You will all feel My goodness and My protection, you will all see My power!” (Ravasio, 1932/1989, p. 19).

Therefore, as both shown through all of the above and as previously discussed, the first revealed (Florensky, 1996) icon of God the Father in the Roman Catholic Church (The Work of God, 2002) originated directly from approved revelations and corporeal theophanic visions given by the Father, in the early twentieth century (Ravasio, 1932/1989).