Infinite Joy – 4

God the Almighty Father is infinite Joy: joy that, the kind of which we generally experience here on earth, pales woefully in comparison. In fact, the joy that we experience down here is not even the minutest shadow of what He Is. For Our Father is sheer Joy by nature. As such, our most sweet and tender Father loves giving us Joy. He loves taking us and plunging us deeply into it, especially when we least expect it. It is, in fact, both His delight and privilege, as the Almighty Father, to do so.

However for this to happen, we have to be ready to let Him. Indeed, we have to be ready to accept, both willingly and wholeheartedly, to allow Him to immerse us profoundly into the veritable ocean of His endless Joy. For contrarily to so many of us, especially in these post-modern times, Our Father truly loves us and respects us as human beings, in our entireties. Thus, He never overrides our free-will.