Words from God the Father – 77

“Love, love, love! Love with all your might, love until it hurts. That is what I want you to do: love as My Son loved. For no one who does not love will enter into My Kingdom on earth. Imperfect as you may be, I can refine you. I can purify you and turn you into gold before My Eyes. And yet, you love not and you do not want to be purified. How can you live in My Presence without purification? How do you expect to enter into My Presence? I Am the Lord your God: pure and holy. And yet, you expect to come to Me, sinful as you are, without repentance. That shall not be. I come to collect My children on earth, I come to collect My own. And yet, you seek to be part of My Glory without repentance, with hardness of heart.”

“How can you think that you will enter into My Kingdom, when you are not ready to forgive your own brother? How can you think that I will allow this to happen? It shall not be! You will know My condemnation, if you do not turn to Me with repentant hearts. You will know My Ire – My full Ire – if you do not seek the Lord your God. It is I Who Am speaking. How can you consider yourselves clean when you are dirty? You do not belong to Me, you who refuse to obey My commands, My pleas. You do not belong to Me, all of you who do not seek My repose. I love you, but you do not love Me. You love your father, the liar: Satan. When will you realize that only I AM? When will you realize that I come to gather My children?” (11/27/11).