Words from God the Father – 79

“You approach My Son in the Sacrament (Holy Communion), without Reconciliation (Confession). Never has My Love for you been greater than in giving you My only-begotten Son, for your daily Bread. And yet, you neglect Him. When you approach Him, you consume Him unworthily. Why do you think I have given Him to you, so that you can mock and scourge Him again? He suffered and died for you, but that was not enough. You continue to mistreat Him now, as you mistreated Him then. I love you, but you do not love Me. Because if you truly loved Me, as you say that you do, then you would not mistreat My Son. For in mistreating My only-begotten Son, you are mistreating Me, your Almighty Father. When are you going to learn, O people full of hardness of heart and pride? You will learn when you see My Wrath, but then it will be too late. I love you. Return to Me while you still can. I love you” (11/27/11c).