The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 17

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 2 – The Revelations of God the Father in 2010-2011 – 1

No better understanding of the desires and intentions of God the Father can be achieved, regarding the diptych icon of the Divine Heart and its relation to all mankind and His universal Church, than as expressed by His own words. Herewith, therefore, are the pertinent messages regarding both the development and aims of the said icon; as well as the desires of the Divine Heart of God the Almighty Father.

On May 29th, 2010, the Heavenly Father spoke, “I Am the Light of the world and you saw with your very own eyes My Heart in the sun, in the miracle of the sun that I allowed you to see. I gave you distinct impressions of what My Heart Is and what My Heart wants. And you know that it is My ultimate desire that all My creation live in accord with My Will. Living in accord with My Will is living in My Divine Heart and it is My ultimate desire that all creation return to Me in this fashion. Write about what you have experienced and expand upon it as I reveal the secrets of My Heart to you. Just as Faustina was the secretary of My Mercy, I Am calling you (…) to be the secretary of My Divine Heart. Spread devotion to My Divine Heart: It is the Heart of a Father who loves His children with Infinite Love” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 35).

On June 2nd, 2010, the Almighty Father declared, “I want you to have cenacles of My Most Divine Heart (…) Encourage all to take up the Consecration in order that I might truly dwell with My children in a new and unheard-of fashion. In your cenacles I will refresh your hearts and provide you with all of the graces you will need, to live habitually in My Divine Will. I will dwell with, amongst, and most especially in you, My children. This will be the New Jerusalem come down from Heaven, when I dwell in all of My children and creation returns completely to My Divine Will. It is a union of wills that I desire (…) I will lead you just as I led My children the Israelites out of slavery, through the desert of this world to the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. This will mark the beginning of My Glorious Coming” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 35-36).

On June 12th, 2010, God the Father said, “Write as I reveal the secrets, the desires, of My Heart to you: tell people how My Heart is throbbing with Infinite Love for them. How much I love My people, all My people, and how I want them all back. How much I desire them to return to Me, their Almighty Father. For I Am their Father, their One and Only True Father. The Father who will never abandon them! However My people have a choice: return to Me through My Mercy or return through My Justice. The choice is yours, creation. But return you shall for I Am the Creator of all mankind! The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Without Me you cannot live, without Me you shall die for eternity” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 37).

Then on June 13th, 2010, God the Father made explicit His desires and intentions: “Write about everything I have given you. Tell them everything, give them everything in order that they may live. Spread devotion to My Divine Heart, spread everything that I have given you. Tell them everything you know (…) I want you to commission an icon painter to create the icon based on the impressions that I gave you to your heart. The icon will be enshrined in a church which I will choose, the name of which church I will reveal at a later date. One icon in one church and many pictures. It will bring Me great homage in adoration and worship, all who venerate this image will be sealed with My Fatherly Seal. They will venerate the image by reciting the prayer in its presence. They will still be sealed with My Seal even if they venerate My holy picture because it is the Seal of My Covenant with humanity in, through, and with the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus Christ. It is of utmost importance that one of My ministerial priests bless this holy image which will become a sacramental” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 37-38).

The Heavenly Father then dictated the Consecration (Seal) Prayer: “Heavenly Father, source of Life, Love, and Eternal Happiness; You have bestowed upon us the precious gift of life itself. We beg You, Heavenly Father, never allow us to take this gift for granted. What is more, You have called us to holiness. You have called us to participate in Your Divine Family life through, with, and in Jesus Christ. We ask that You grant us, in Your Beneficence, all of the graces necessary to live in accord with Your Divine Will and to offer You, at each and every moment, the fullness of our gratitude; our worship, our thanksgiving, and our supplication. We formally consecrate ourselves to You, as prodigal children returning to the Father Who loves us. Accept us, put a royal diadem on our finger. Cloak us in royal purple and prepare us for the feast, the banquet that You have prepared for all of Your faithful children. Amen” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 38).

After He had finished dictating, the Father was asked whether He wished the icon to have a title. God the Father replied, “Write this (at the top): “The Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts” (At the bottom): “Infinite Love” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 38). The Father elaborated, “Any child of Mine who says this prayer with a sincere heart will be sealed with My Fatherly Seal. That means they will be immune to the attacks of Satan during the Chastisement. This is My FINAL plea to humanity before the era of My Justice commences!” (ibid.). The following Scriptural references were later given, for better understanding of the Father’s messages: Dn 7:25, 8:3-14 and 24-25, 9:25-27, 12:6-11; Jl 1:2-20, 2:1-27, 3:1-5, 4:1-21; 2 P 3:7; Rv 2:10-11, 3:10, 6:5-17, 8:1-5, 11:7-10, 13:1-17, 14:6-20, 16:17-21, 18:9-23, 20:1-6; Zech 14:1-21; Zeph 1:2-18, 2:1-15, 3:1-20. Meanwhile on May 24th, 2010, God the Father had explained in simple terms the meaning of said consecration to Him: “It is My Seal. Satan cannot snatch you away from Me now, because you have become fully My property, of your own volition” (p. 33).

On 19th June, 2010, the Eternal Father said, “I want My children to know Me, I want them to love Me, I want them to worship Me (…) The love I have for My children knows no bounds. It will always be so. But My Justice demands that reparation be made otherwise innocent souls would have died in vain. Tell My children to make reparation to Me. They need to pay Me homage, adoration, and worship. Otherwise My Justice demands that I come as a God of Wrath rather than as a God of Mercy – the Mercy of My Divine Heart. My Mercy for My children in infinite, boundless. As long as they return of their own free-will. Whoever does not return will be lost for all eternity. This is My final call, this is My final plea to humanity, before My Justice without My Mercy commences” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 39-40).

He continued, “My children do not consider that I too have a Heart even though I Am Father and that My Heart is a wounded Heart similarly to that of My Son. A Heart wounded with sorrow at the distance of My children from Me, the neglect of My children of Me, and the blasphemy of My children toward Me. I love My children, all of My children, with the love of a Father: that of Eternal Father. Yet My children do not want to know Me, do not want to love Me, do not want to worship Me. They worship everyone but Me, they worship everything but Me. Even though I created them and gave them what they have. They still do not want Me, do not want to know Me, and want to eradicate Me completely from the face of My creation. Creation is Mine! They have forgotten that without Me they would not exist: without Me they would be nothing, without Me they would have nothing. For My children have forgotten that I Am the Father of all mankind, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all things” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 40).

The Father added, “Love Me, adore Me, worship Me! Console My wounded Heart, My grievously wounded Heart, by loving My Divine Heart with all of your heart. Love Me, adore Me, worship Me. Console My grieving Heart! My Heart is the Heart of a Father Who loves all His children with Infinite Love. Many of My children do not want to return to Me their Father, their One and Only Father, their True Father, their Eternal and Heavenly Father; despite My immense desire for them all to return!” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 40).

On 30th June, 2010, God the Father stated that, “Every time you venerate one of My Images through a kiss or a hug or even a glance of love, you atone for a multitude of blasphemies (…) I Am revealing to you the secrets of My Divine Heart, as they pertain to the unfolding of the events described in the Book of Revelation” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 43). Meanwhile on the 9th July, 2010, He added, “You have heard Me, you have followed Me, you have obeyed Me, you have united your will with Mine, you have seen Me – you have seen My Divine Heart. This is what I want My children to do: I want them to unite their wills to My Will, so that they can enter and live in My Divine Heart. This is what the New Jerusalem is about. It is about My children re-entering and living internally to My Will, so that I can reside in them as they reside in Me. Like that My Kingdom will come on earth. Explain it to them (…) so that they can understand and follow Me” (p. 48).

Further pertinent messages are forthcoming in part 2 of this section.


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