The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 18

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 2 – The Revelations of God the Father in 2010-2011 – 2

On July 17th, 2010, God the Father said, “You have seen the Heart of God. Tell people to worship My Divine Heart. Tell them to love Me, honor Me, and adore Me. Tell them to pray to Me from the depths of their hearts. I want everyone to venerate My Divine Heart, because it is the Heart of a Father who loves His children with Infinite Love. Whoever devoutly worships My Divine Heart pays Me homage: the homage that is My due and that has always been My due since the beginning of time. Venerating My Divine Heart consoles Me. It repairs for the tremendous agony and sorrow that I endure from My creation due to the multitude of its sins. True reparation calms My Wrath and consoles My wounded Heart. Repair, O creation of Mine! Otherwise you will not survive. Anyone who genuinely loves Me will console Me. Otherwise he will be responsible for having let the fullness of My Wrath fall upon mankind” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 51-52).

On July 22nd, 2010, the Eternal Father requested, “Love Me, love Me back: console My wounded Heart and make Me known. My children do not know Me anymore, they have forgotten that I Am. Make known My Infinite Love in order that they may return to Me, their True Father. Show them that, how I Am with you, so will I be with them should they return to Me their Father. For I Am the Father of prodigal children” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 53). Meanwhile on July 23rd, 2010, He continued, “I want all My children to live in My Divine Heart, because living in My Heart means living in My Will (…) Tell My children that many of the consequences of the Chastisement can be averted if they pray sincerely and honestly to My Divine Heart” (ibid.).

On July 24th, 2010, God the Father elaborated, “Anyone who adores My Divine Heart atones for a multitude of sins. It is through My Divine Heart that Mercy upon this world issues forth, because My Heart is One with the Sacred Heart of My Son. Console My Divine Heart and repair from your hearts for the damage you have done. In this manner, peace – My Peace – will come on earth. Joy, Happiness, and Love will reign in the world once more. Keep on proceeding in the manner that you are doing and you will experience nothing but punishment from Me. Not because I hate you but because I love you and I Am trying, as a Father, to bring you back to your senses which you have lost, since they have become filled with the smoke of Satan. That smoke that has filled your eyes, your ears, your hearts, your minds, your bodies, and your souls. Repent and return to Me Who makes all things new, so that you can truly be My children and Inherit what I, in My Infinite Goodness and Wisdom, have prepared since the beginning of time for all those who follow My Will” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 54).

The Father continued to plead, “Love Me and console Me, I have need of your love, in reparation for all the sins and wounds continually and mercilessly inflicted upon Me by the entire world. Console My Heart, consoled My anguished Divine Heart. That Heart of a Father Who begs His children to return, but who do not want to return. Many of My children only want to continue blaspheming Me, because this is what gives them ‘joy,’ the pleasure of My adversary, for in adoring him they lead better material lives. They are unaware that their souls are more important than their bodies and, that when their souls are lost, their bodies count as nothing. But My children do not want to hear, they do not want to listen, while others of My children consider that I do not exist. So console Me (…) I need your consolation because My Cup is heavily overflowing and I will soon let loose the entirety of its contents over the whole world” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 54).

On July 28th, 2010, God the Father declared, “The pain I constantly endure – and have endured for centuries – when My children deny My existence, My Being, and refute My ongoing Mercy in the form of a shower of graces from My generous Heart. Because My children do not want Me, they would prefer Me obliterated from the face of My very own creation. Yet soon they will experience My Presence and then they will tremble: they will learn to fear the Lord their God because they will be unable to deny My existence any longer. Though many shall try, they will be unable to succeed. The day is fast approaching when the world will no longer be able to say “we did not know God” (…) You are experiencing the abandonment of God by mankind, the very creatures I made with My own Hands, out of the Goodness of My Divine Heart” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 56).

He continued, “My children (…) do not want to know Me, honor Me, love Me, adore Me, worship Me, venerate Me. They do not want to give Me what is due to Me by right: I call but My children do not heed My calls, My requests. My children do not want to bend their knees to Me, their Father and Creator, because My children’s hearts have become harder than stones. They only want to worship themselves because they think that everything comes from them. But they are not gods and soon – very soon – they will discover this, and they will also know that they can never be gods. For I alone Am the Lord, I alone Am God Almighty, and only I Am the Almighty in eternity. Every pagan god shall be crushed, every idol will cease to exist for I will topple them all without mercy. None will be left standing (…) I love you, have My Peace: the peace of a Father whose Heart is filled with grief at the obstinacy of His children who do not want to return to their Father’s House, through their Father‟s Divine Heart” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 56-57).

On July 29th, 2010, God the Father stated, “Come, come rest in My Divine Heart. My Heart is open as a refuge for all men to come and rest in It, as a haven from the cares and burdens of the world. But only a few accept My offer to enter into My Heart. Because to return means that they have to return to live in accord with My Divine Will. It is precisely a union of wills that I desire, that union of wills that mankind is so desirous not to give (…) Come and rest in My Divine Heart, away from all the stench, the putrefaction, of the earth that arises right up to the very heights of My Kingdom, due to the multitude of its unrepented sins against My merciful Heart (…) I want to show you how I Am the Light of the world. Without Me the world would be in complete darkness, it would not exist, for Life cannot exist without Light and Love” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 57).

He continued, “Console My wounded, anguished Heart. My Heart which is aggrieved beyond recognition at that great number of My children who do not want to return to Me their Father, their Creator, and their God. Many of My children have no desire to know Me their Father, despite My having created them, formed them, breathed into them their very own lives and souls. Yet My love for My children knows no bounds: I will keep on calling all My children to return, until I implement the fullness of the end of time. Then they shall be no more because My Sanctity, My Holiness, will permit no more errors in the world, in order for Justice – holy justice – to ensue” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 57).

Meanwhile on July 31st, 2010, the Eternal Father declared, “I Am the God of Love. The God Who wants all His children to return, in order that I may spare them. Because they are My creation, I made them with My own Hands. It pains My Divine Heart greatly to chastise My children, for I love all My children, especially the errant ones. Oh, what I would not do for a weak soul who truly repented from her sins! That is how much I love My children. I sent them My own Son to die for them, in order that they could be redeemed and rejoined with Me. Yet mankind has continued in his ways of folly. So chastise I must for Justice to be served, otherwise innocent people, innocent souls, will have died in vain. Tell My children to pray to Me, sincerely and honestly, from the depths of their hearts to My Divine Heart; and I will avert many of the pains of the Chastisement that is going to ensue” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 59).

God the Father continued, “Tell them, let them know, so that they will be unable to say they did not know when the time arrives. For when the time comes, they will pray to Me but I will not respond. They will cry out “Abba, Father, have mercy on us,‟ but I will not hear. I will let them suffer fully the consequences of their own decisions, the choices made out of their own free-will. Free-will with which I endowed them and which they have used, and keep on using, against Me; the Lord their God; their Creator and Eternal Life. They will know what it means to repel the Lord their God from their lives, their daily lives, should they choose not to return. For I Am and always will Be. Thus My children will learn what it means to deny the existence of the Lord their God. Their Creator, the Creator and Father of all mankind. But turn to Me now, pray and adore My Divine Heart, and I will relent the severity of the fullness of the Chastisement” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 60).

He added, “Pray and adore Me, fall on your knees and worship My Divine Heart, and I will significantly decrease the pain and suffering of what is soon going to ensue. Tell them (…) let them know everything, in order that they may not be able to say “I did not know.” I bless you with My Fatherly Blessing. Have My Peace, rest in My Heart. That Heart which loves you with a Love that you cannot fathom. A love that you cannot imagine, but that you can feel. Love Me (…) atone with your love for the coldness, hard-heartedness, and indifference of this world. This world that I have created with My own Hands, but that does not want to know Me anymore. Love Me and adore Me, for I Am the Lord your God, your Father, the Alpha and the Omega of your entire being. Peace, let yourself rest in My Heart” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 60).

Further pertinent messages are forthcoming in part 3 of this section.


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