The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 20

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Part 2 – The Revelations of God the Father in 2010-2011 – 4

On August 16th, 2010, God the Father declared, “I desire My children to worship Me. Only worship, veneration, and adoration from the heart – true love – can console and alleviate the sorrows of My wounded Divine Heart. I Am the Lord your God, yet you worship everything and everyone but Me. I created you and you neglected Me. You abandoned Me despite My love for you. I love you with Infinite Love and yet you continue to spurn My love: the love of your God for His child. Return to Me, My children, return. All of you, return! Come into My Divine Heart and reside in My Will before it is too late. Tell My children that I desire them all to worship Me, venerate Me, praise Me, adore Me, and love Me from their hearts. I created them to glorify Me and to Myself I desire them to return. Tell them that I wish to keep them safe in My Divine Heart for only in My Heart, which is also My Will, can My children not fall prey to the wiles of My adversary. For My adversary is on a rampage, which is only going to increase the more My Light shines in the world. Only in My Divine Heart will My children be safe, from the snares he is now laying to entrap them and that will lead their souls into eternal perdition (… ) I Am pleading with My children to RETURN. Come into your Father‟s Divine Heart: that Heart of a Father Who loves you with Infinite Love” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 69).

On August 18th, 2010, the Almighty Father said, “Where am I in your life, O man? Where am I in your heart? I desire to be known, worshiped, and loved by all of My children. As I had desired to be known, worshipped, and loved by My children of old, the Israelites. Yet My children – many of My children, all of whom I have created out of the Goodness of My Divine Heart – have preferred to pay attention to the power and money given to them by My adversary, rather than to pay Me homage, worship, and veneration. So tell Me, O man, how can I accept your gifts – the gifts that you may wish to give Me – if you do not give them truly to Me, with sincerity from the depths of your heart? You have been blinded by My adversary, you have been trapped by his snares. Children, My children, for that is who you are: My children, for it is I Who have created you. Listen to your Heavenly Father. Listen to My Heart‟s desires for I desire only your welfare, the welfare of your souls. Come back, return to Me, before it is too late. For soon I shall return and by then you will no longer be able to amend your ways; for My adversary, who is also your adversary – the adversary of your souls – will prevent you, even through the use of force, from returning to Me. If you are not marked by Me, you will be marked by him. So My children come to Me, your Father, while you still can, in order that I may hold you safely in My Divine Heart. Come and become My Property, instead of the property of My adversary. Come and belong to Me, the Lord your God (…) Enter into the Ark of My Divine Heart before it is too late, so that I can carry you safely through the trials and tribulations that are about to occur” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, pp. 70-71).

Meanwhile on August 21st, 2010, He added, “I want My children – all My children – to love Me, adore Me, and worship Me. I desire them to venerate Me and worship Me as the Lord their God: their One and Only God, their True God (…) Tell them to renounce their false idols and return to Me. For only through Me will they find Peace, only in and through Me will they be able to achieve salvation. Otherwise they will be condemned to Hell for eternity. My children need to repent, for repentance is far from their hearts. Tell them to return to Me, their Father – their One and Only True Father – before it is too late” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 73).

On August 23rd, 2010, God the Father said, “Anyone who lives in accord with My Will, is in My Will and also in My Divine Heart. Because to be in My Heart is to be in and united to My Will. That is what I desire from My children, all of My children, a union of wills. In order that they can be Mine and I will be theirs” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 74). Meanwhile on August 29th, 2010, the Father referred to His Divine Heart in a message for priests: “Where are My shepherds, those faithful shepherds of Mine who are supposed to be herding and tending to My sheep? I created My sheep for Myself, for My glory and honor, not for you! My sheep are My children. Yet you are leaving My children to be trampled on and killed by My adversary. Where are your hearts, where are your souls, O children of Mine to whom I have entrusted the care of My sheep? Have you forgotten the love and tenderness with which I raised you from your slumber and called you to My Heart? I raised you to serve Me, yet serving Me you are not. I raised you to take care of My sheep. Instead you are letting My adversary trample all over them. Is this the manner, My children, in which you respond to My calls? I have given you the keys to My Kingdom yet you have abandoned My sheep to the ruses, snares, and wiles of My adversary. Letting them be dragged off mercilessly by him instead of fighting with all your strength to bring them back. Where are your courage, your spirit, and your fidelity? That Spirit that I gave you upon your anointing? Return to Me, My children, return so that I can hold you all safely in My Divine Heart. Return and bring with you all of My children so that I can glorify them as the Father that I Am and ever will Be, while holding you all in My Glorious Heart” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 77).

On September 5th, 2010, God the Father continued speaking about devotion to His Divine Heart: “I want you to develop My devotion. I will give you everything that you need to know. You are to spread devotion to My Divine Heart. Give all people My Fatherly Seal, that is your task. I will give you everything you need, in order to carry out your task, in accord with My wishes. I will be with you every step of the way. Nothing will be left to chance, everything you need will be taken care of by Me. For this is the last devotion that I Am giving My children, before the force of My Justice commences in full. Nothing pleases Me more than seeing My children spread devotion to My Divine Heart. Give it to everyone in order that all My children may know Me, love Me, and worship Me as the Lord their God that I Am” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011, p. 79).

On September 6th, 2010, the Eternal Father spoke about His Heart in terms of His bosom: “Let My children know how much I love them. I desire them all to return to Me, their Father. For I alone am the One, I alone am God, and only I can ensure My children‟s safe return to My bosom. The love I have for My children is undying and yet My children do not care about this. I desire My children to know Me. Why don‟t My children wish to know Me, their Father, who only desires what is good for them? Why have My children let themselves be taken in by My adversary? Why have My children stopped listening to My words? I can save you, O children of Mine. I can hold you safely in My Heart throughout the coming tribulations” (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2010, p. 79). Meanwhile on September 9th, 2010, He said, “Tell My children that I love them and desire them to all return back to Me their Father. Tell them that My Heart pines with longing for their return (…) I Am calling people to My Heart” (p. 81).

Further pertinent messages are forthcoming in part 5 of this section.


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