A poem of praise

God the Father

Yahweh Elohim


Dominus Deus Sabaoth



Patrem Omnipotentem


The Alpha and the Omega

Adonai Adonai


Rex tremendae Majestatis



Rex Celestis



The Father of all mankind

Our Father

Infinite Love descending from Heaven

Life and Light of the world

Merciful Tenderness

Glorious Sweetness

The Divine Light

The Most High


The third Ark

For the third Passover

Our Father’s Divine Heart

Let us all return to Him

Our Father Who is in Heaven

Hallowed forever be His Name

For without Him, we can do nothing

But in Him, we can do everything


Father, Thy Kingdom come

Thy Will be done

Here on earth by all mankind

As it is in Your heavenly Kingdom

May we venerate You

May we worship You

Love is descending from Heaven


Come, all you people, come

Let us meet Him

Let us adore Him

Bending our knee

My Father

Your Father

The Father of us all

To Whom none can compare

Only one Father there ever was

Is and shall always Be

God the Almighty Father

Father in eternity.