More Scriptural references on the Heart of God the Father

“His Heart is wise and His strength is great: who can successfully defy Him?” (Job 9:4).

“Then You endowed me with life, watched every breath of mine with tender care. Yet, after all, this You intended in your Heart: biding Your time, I know, to mark if I should sin and to let no fault of mine go uncensured” (Job 10:12-14).

“What is a man that You should set Your Heart on him? Subjecting him to Your scrutiny, that morning after morning You should examine him and at every instant test him? (Job 7:17-18).

“They have built the high place of Topheth, in the valley of Benhinnom, to burn their sons and daughters. A thing I never commanded, a thing that never entered My Heart” (Jer 7:31, 19:5, 32:35).

“Yahweh’s plans hold good for ever, the intentions of His Heart from age to age” (Ps 33:11).

“Yahweh regretted having made man on earth and His Heart grieved” (Gn 6:6).

“Yahweh smelled the appeasing fragrance and said in His Heart: ‘Never again will I curse the earth because of man, because his heart contrives evil from his infancy. Never again will I strike down every living thing as I have done” (Gn 8:21).

“Because of Your word and according to Your Heart, You have done so great a thing by revealing this to Your servant” (2 Sam 7:21; 1 Chr 17:19).

“The anger of Yahweh will not turn aside until He has performed, until He has carried out, the decision of His Heart” (Jer 23:20, 30:24).

“For in My Heart was a day of vengeance, My year of redemption had come” (Is 63:4).

“Yahweh said to Jehu: ‘Since you have done properly what was pleasing in My sight, and have achieved all I set My Heart on….” (2 Kgs 10:30).

“It will be My pleasure to bring about their good, and I will plant them firmly in this land, with all My Heart and Soul” (Jer 32:41).

“Though you are a man not a God, you have equalled your heart with the Heart of God” (Ez 28:2).

“Yahweh has searched out a man for Himself after His own Heart, and designated him leader of His people” (1 Sam 13:14; Acts 13:22).

“I will raise up a faithful priest for Myself: he will do whatever is in My Heart and whatever I desire” (1 Sam 2:35).

“I will give you shepherds after My own Heart and these shall feed you on knowledge and discretion” (Jer 3:15).