The sorrow and anticipation of Our Lady on the first Christmas Eve

It was a day of sorrow, because no one wanted them. Oh, how She suffered in Her Heart and cried, because they had nowhere to stay. They found nothing but closed doors in their faces, at times slammed doors. Literally, no one wanted them; so no one gave them shelter. And the Mother of Her own Savior had nowhere to give birth to Her Son – the Son of the Almighty and ever-living God, the Omnipotent Father; and God Himself in His own right. This pierced Her Heart.

And yet, within that sorrow there was also anticipation, hope; because the Mother knew that wherever She ended up giving birth, She was bringing into the world the Redeemer, the Reconciler of all mankind. So that mankind would finally have the Way of returning Home to their Father: a way previously foreclosed by none other than man himself.