Words from God the Son – 16

“I am the Word made Flesh, the Savior of all mankind. And yet mankind continues to spurn My eternal love for them, My perpetual Sacrifice for them, and the Salvation that I offer them. When are you going to learn that I died for you? When are you going to accept that I was beaten to a bloody pulp precisely to save you from your sins, to redeem you in My Father’s sight? I love you and I have always loved you, and yet you have not loved Me back. You have disregarded My Father’s Will and continue heedlessly to pursue your path of ‘happiness:’ happiness that will lead you nowhere but to the territory of My enemy – eternal damnation. Is that where you want to go? Is that how you desire to spend eternity? For if it is, I will respect your choices, even though you do not respect Mine and those of My Father.”

“I love you and I desire you to return to Me, so that I can make you whole once again. But you do not know Me: you have never known Me, for you have not bothered to get to know Me. You believed all the lies that My enemy has doled out to you for centuries. You think that you know it all. And yet, I tell you: you know nothing. For you cannot know Me unless you become little, and little is precisely that which you do not want to become. I am offering you every chance, every possibility, and yet you keep on rejecting the hand of My Salvation. Only the little ones will enter into My Father’s Kingdom, which is also My Kingdom, for I live and reign at the right hand of the Father. I love you and I Am your Savior, but I need your cooperation. For without your free-will consent, I cannot grant you the burning desire of My Heart, and that is to have you live with Me in eternity” (1/16/12).