Words from God the Father – 83

“I love you, My children, I have always loved you. But you have neither respected Me and My desires, nor loved Me back with your whole mind, heart, strength and soul as I have commanded you to do. Therefore, you will now reap what you have sown, you will both see and experience the fruits of your behaviors and actions: the true sentiments of your hearts which, you think, are hidden from mankind – they have never been hidden from Me.”

“I love you, My children, I have always loved you. However, you do not even want to know Me. You do not desire to receive My Goodness and My Beneficence. So what choice have you, in effect, left Me to administer to you, other than My Justice? I plead with you, but you do not listen: you turn your faces away from Me and continue to rationalize your existence based upon the fads of your current days. I beg you most insistently to return to Me and yet you continue most hard-heartedly, obstinately and willfully to refuse to return to Me Who Am the Lord your God. What else do you want Me to do for you, My children, since you do not want what I desire so profoundly to give you – that is, My Infinite Love?”

“You spurn My Love and My Generosity to you, like everything else that I seek and have always sought to provide you with. How long am I to tolerate such a situation of anomaly of will – an anomaly of wills that has resulted in the most perverse generation of its time? Perverse even more than Sodom and Gomorrah were in their day. Verily I say to you, My words shall not pass away, even though everything else shall pass away. For those of you who continue to obscure the Truth and insist on living in accord with your will, instead of My Divine Will, you shall now proceed to see and experience the fullness of My Justice. Your senseless idols and your man-made gods will not save you from the fury of My Wrath, once I let descend upon you My right Arm in Mighty Justice. What will you do then, My children, since you will then have no time whatsoever left in order to repent from your sinfulness? What will you do then without My help and My grace? Return to Me, My children, I beg you. Return to Me now before it is too late, so that I can save your souls from the fire of eternal damnation. Otherwise, continue obstinately in the path that you are pursuing and you shall truly reap what you have long sown” (1/19/12b).