The heart of man – 1

“When the two doors that are God’s goodness and man’s heart open, then the greatest miracle of our existence occurs: man’s heart is united with the Spirit of the Lord, God feasting with the sons of men” (Arch. Zacharias, 2008, The hidden man of the heart, pp. 3-4). 

“When man falls into sin his mind moves in an outward direction and loses itself in created things, but when . . . he comes to himself seeking salvation, he then moves inward as he searches for the way back to the heart. Finally, when all his being is gathered in the unity of his mind and heart . . . he turns his whole being over to God the Father. Man’s spirit must pass through this three-fold circular motion in order to reach perfection” (ibid., p. 6).

“Give Me thy heart and let thine eyes observe My ways” (Prv 23:26).