God speaks

“God speaks first in one way, and then in another, although we do not realise it. In dreams and in night-visions, when slumber has settled on humanity and people are asleep in bed, He speaks in someone’s ear, frightens him with apparitions to turn him from what he is doing and to put an end to his pride. And thus He preserves his soul from the abyss, his life from passing down the Canal. Or again, He corrects by the sufferings of the sick-bed, when someone’s bones tremble continuously and the thought of food revolts him, however tasty it is, and his flesh rots away while you watch it and the bones beneath begin to show, and his soul is drawing nearer to the abyss and his life to the dwelling of the dead . . . He will pray to God who has restored him to favour, and will come into His presence with joy. He will tell others how he has received saving justice and sing this hymn before his companions, ‘I sinned and left the path of right, but God has not punished me as my sin deserved. He has spared my soul from going down to the abyss and is making my life see the light'” (Jb 33:14-22, 26-28).