The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father – 27

The Icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father: Conclusion

The diptych icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts (with) Infinite Love originated from a series of revelations and visions given by God the Almighty Father to two individuals throughout 2010-2011 (Apostolate of the Divine Heart, 2011). The icon has been written by a noted friar-iconographer and will be enshrined in a church of the Heavenly Father’s own choosing at a later date. The aims of the icon are (1) so that God the Father may be paid the homage, worship, and veneration due to Him as the Almighty Father; to provide both (2) a concrete symbol of the Father’s infinite Love for humanity, and (3) mankind with the opportunity of receiving the Seal of God the Father (Rv 3:10-12, 14:1-5); (4) reparation and consolation to the Heavenly Father for the blasphemies committed against both His Divine Heart and infinite love for mankind, (5) to institute weekly cenacles of worship to the Father’s Divine Heart, resulting in the provision of all graces needed to live habitually in the Divine Will; (6) to emphasize the need for re-unification between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church (unpublished communication, 9/5/11), while serving as a symbol of united, devotional sensibility toward God the Father; and (7) to decrease the Almighty Father’s Wrath and minimize the upcoming suffering of the great Chastisement, facilitating mankind’s entry into the New Israel.

It has longstandingly been a bone of contention about whether sacred icons of God the Father could be depicted or otherwise, especially in the Eastern (Orthodox) Church, because a few Councils of the latter had explicitly forbidden such depictions, based on the fact that the Father’s ousia can never be known or circumscribed. However, a critical review of this issue from the context of the last Ecumenical Council of the undivided, universal Church; subsequent Councils of both the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, key writings of the Church Fathers and saints, writings of notable theologians of the 20th century in both the Eastern Church and the Western Church (e.g., Benedict XVI, Vladimir Lossky), and declarations of the latest Holy Fathers of the universal Church (Benedict XVI and John Paul II), has shown that there exist no true impediments to depicting God the Father on venerable icons, in terms of His energeia and hypostasis, in either the Roman Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church; because such icons would be fully in keeping with Scripture, teaching, and Tradition. Moreover, icons of God the Father would result in the Almighty being paid the widespread worship of proskynesis, by both the clergy and the laity alike.

The vital role of the diptych icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father Encompassing All Hearts, in both promoting devotion to the Father’s Divine Heart and fulfilling all of His explicit requests, is tied to the liturgical and mystical function of icons in the universal Church. For icons are sacramental and aesthetic avenues of divine grace, in both overcoming generalized apostasy in the world and foregrounding the tangible reality of the desired mystical union between God and man, by ceaselessly directing all mankind toward the era of the eighth day. Therefore, apart from the Father’s revelations per se, the true role of the icon of the Divine Heart of God the Father is that it is a school of contemplative prayer that draws mankind into greater intimacy with God, in His Beauty; serving to remind each individual – indeed all families, communities, societies, and nations – of the constant Presence of the Almighty Father in the lives of all mankind. The icon of the Divine Heart achieves this sacred function by combining iconology with biblical theology, to intrinsically participate in the heavenly liturgy and aesthetically express the One, true Faith; together with the immutable reality of the divine mysteries and the Eternal Father’s infinite love for all mankind.


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