Words from God the Father – 86

“The love of Life is being extinguished from within the hearts and souls of My children. They do not know where to turn any longer and yet they continue to refuse to return to Me, their Almighty and loving Father. How am I going to make you return, My children, other than by chastising you, since you do not want to listen to Me in any other way? How long have I sought you out and forgiven you, while you continue hard-heartedly and most willfully to neglect Me, abandon Me, curse Me, blame Me for all your ills and your present woes, blaspheming Me and My Son and My Daughter incessantly – indeed, My entire Divine Family?”

“I love you, My children, I love you; but this cannot be. You have persisted in staying away from Me, your only, truly loving Father who loves you, even when others do not love you. And yet, you expect to have Life in yourselves, true life, even when you continue to persist in neglecting and abandoning Me and My Son. This cannot be. Indeed, it shall not be! For I have decreed, through My only-begotten Son, Who died for you, that whosoever eats His Flesh and drinks His Blood shall have Life within him. By conjunction, whosoever refuses to eat My Son’s Flesh and drink His Blood, despite having the capacity to do so, will perish forever; in eternity.”

“I love you, My children, I love you. I have never stopped loving you. But you have refused, and continue to refuse, to return to Me, your Father in Heaven. Come to Me, My children, come to Me, before it is too late for your souls to be saved. For I am in the process of withdrawing My graces from the world . . . Truly you do not know what is in store for you, for all those of you, who continue ever so willfully to reject My Mercy” (2/2/12).