Words from God the Son – 17

“Come, I will give you rest. You are in My Heart: that Heart which was pierced with a lance for all mankind to enter into and find rest and solace, amidst all the trials and tribulations of the world. My Heart was pierced with a lance precisely so that you could enter into it, as a haven for your souls. I wait for you in the tabernacles of the world but you do not come; I wait in vain. When am I going to see you coming unto Me Who gave you Life, Who brought you back into the world of Light, after Satan had pierced it with his darkness? Why do you stay away, My children, when I was wounded precisely for yourselves, so that you could know rest, you could have Life? Why do you stay away?”

“I wait and wait, but you do not come. You are hard-hearted and cold, stone-cold; this is what you have become. From children of God – the One, true, and Living God – you have become children of the world. Living first and foremost in the flesh, rather than living or attempting, at least, to live in the Spirit; My Holy Spirit. What is it that you have done, My children, by departing from Me Who gave you Life, My Life, so that you could live and enter into My Kingdom which is forever? You are hard-hearted and cold, but soon you will know My Justice, for My Father’s fury cannot be contained any longer. Soon you will know what you have lost, by attempting, and continuing to attempt, to set aside all My divine precepts. For there is only one God, the Lord God Almighty, and only Him shall you adore with all your mind and all your strength and all your soul” (2/21/12).