The Father, the Son, and the Spirit in the Icon of the Divine Heart

“The Father – the sun in the sense of the paternal subsistence of infinite light, causes the Son to appear in Him, that is, the sun in the sense of a reflection of the whole of that infinite light which subsists in the Father. The Father projects Himself within Himself as a filial sun and views Himself henceforth through the latter, while comprising the latter in Himself, or better, while revealing Himself still more luminously in the latter. Moreover, the Father also projects Himself within Himself as another sun, as Holy Spirit, revealing Himself even more luminously as paternal sun and revealing the Son in the same fashion as filial sun . . . Each appears shining through the other two as bearer of the same infinite light, bearing Himself interior to them and having them interior to Himself” (Staniloae, D. 1994. The experience of God: Revelation and knowledge of the Triune God, p. 255).