Where we are now

Three developmental phases characterize the spiritual life, our journey toward full union with God the Father: purification, illumination, and deification. These phases apply to ourselves both individually and collectively. Presently, we are in the first phase, that of purification of both individuals and the whole world, from all impurities and iniquities. The stage is being solidly set so that we can experience the second phase, that of illumination both individually and collectively. In fact, some of us have already entered this phase and experienced their individual illumination of conscience, the Life Review, whereas others still have to experience it. Meanwhile, the collective dimension of the second phase has yet to occur; namely, the global illumination of all consciences.

Subsequent to both the global purification and illumination having been completed, we will then enter into the third phase of our spiritual life and relationship with the Almighty Father: namely, that of deification, both of ourselves individually and collectively. The third phase will be the era of the common deification of mankind, the era of Peace and holiness, the era of the eighth day: the era of the Reign of God the Father and His divine Will on earth – His Kingdom come. This will be the era in which everyone will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, because this is what He has desired and, indeed, decreed since the beginning of time.