Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid! Enter into the Ark of these times by entering with your whole heart, mind, soul, and strength into the Divine Heart of God the Almighty Father. He wants you, He desires you, with a profundity and intensity of Love that you will never really comprehend, until you start experiencing it for yourself. However, you cannot experience Love, until you decide to let the Father become an intimate part of your life; a central part. For Our Father will not intrude where He is not wanted, despite His intense yearning to adopt you, to take you to His Heart, His bosom, and plunge you fully into the very Core of His Divine Heart – the Heart of the Holy Trinity. Do not be afraid of Him any longer, therefore, try Him out for yourself and you will see. For He Is Love, Tenderness, Sweetness, Playfulness, and so much more. Approach Him, do not remain afar off, for He is waiting for you. Run to Him and He will embrace you with Tender Love that only the Father can provide.