Words from God the Father – 87

“Many of My children do not want to return to Me, their Father who loves them infinitely. Why do you not want to return, My children, when I love you with such love – Love that cannot be surpassed? Is it that you seek Me bnt do not find Me? That cannot be, for I am found by those who take the time and make the effort to seek out My Holy Face. Is it that you ask Me for what you need in your lives and also for what you do not need, and I do not respond? No, for I answer your prayer petitions every time they are made in sincerity, from the heart, and they are in full accord with My Divine Will. It is about pride, My children; that is what is holding you back from Me, your Eternally loving Father. Pride: the characteristic of the children of Satan, rather than humility which is, or should be, the defining characteristic of the children of God – My adopted children! For without humility, littleness, and an ongoing endeavor on your part to seek Me out in prayer, My children, you will not be able to reach Me. For, as the Lord your God – your One, True, and Eternal God – I am not to be found in those who continue, ever so stubbornly, to refuse to return, to abide in My Divine Will.”

Unlike you, My children, I Am Divine. I do not lack for anything, neither do I seek anything, for I Am the Omnipotent God – the Almighty Creator. However, My Love – My eternal love for you, My children, created by My own Hand, My Thought, and My Word – does not permit Me to restrain the hand of My Justice any longer, because so many of My children, whom I created with such love and tenderness for My glory and My eternal delight, are being lost to Me forever at each and every turn. How could a Father, a true and loving Father, ever remain silent when His children have gone wildly astray and continue to refuse to return, to live in His Divine Heart – My bosom? That bosom where I begot and hold My Divine Son. How can I, as Father, the Eternal Father – even though so many of you continue to refuse to acknowledge this One, immutable Truth – be silent, when I see so many of you, My children, headed without fail into eternal perdition; into the clutches of My enemy forever?”

“Make no mistake, My children, the enemy of your souls is indeed upon you and is presently winning the battle, with his legions of angels and willing minions on earth. But his glory will soon come to an end, because I will put a halt to his destruction, for without My right Arm descending upon him in Justice and without mercy to restrain him, that murderer of souls Satan would succeed in turning the earth into a perfect replica of his abode: Hell. I created you; I, the Almighty Father, and I created both yourselves and the earth upon which you live, for My eternal glory and delight. Thus, I will not allow the enemy of souls, My souls! – for all souls are Mine, since I have created them, even though I have also given you free-will by creating you in Our own Image and Likeness – continue to drag into eternal perdition, so many souls of My beloved children.”

“I love you, My children; I have always loved you, since prior to the beginning of time. However, you have forgotten what it is like to be seated at your Father’s Table and partake of the Heavenly Banquet. Thus, the time has come for Me to restore creation to the purpose for which it was originally created: that is, to reside completely in My Divine and Holy Will” (3/6/12).