Words from God the Father – 88

Write what I am going to tell you: Love is missing in the hearts of My children. They do not know Me anymore, they do not want Me anymore, and yet I wait, patiently, for their return to Me, their Father and Eternal God. I love them with eternal love in My Divine Heart and yet they do not care about Me; only about their pleasures. When will you learn, O My children, that I am to be adored and revered forever? When will you learn that you are to be obedient to My dictates, to My Heart’s desires, because all that I desire for you is for us to be reunited in eternity? I speak and yet you do not listen, you refuse to learn. What is it going to take, to bring you back to Me on your knees? For I shall punish you, My children, if you continue to refuse to listen to Me. For I AM the Almighty and ever-living God and I am not to be ignored. I love you and yet My Love is despised and thrown into the trash. “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?,” My Son cried when He was dying on the Cross for you, to redeem you in My sight. Yet even when I forsake you, you still continue to refuse to cry out to Me, to take you into My bosom; your One, True, and eternally living God.”

“What is it going to take, to bring you to your knees in front of Me, begging My pardon and forgiveness for all the numerous sins that you have committed, and that you have never repented from? What is it going to take, My children, to bring you to your senses which have become saturated with the pleasing smoke of My enemy? I love you with an infinity of Love that you cannot understand fully, yet you do not love Me back. I AM your Almighty and Eternal God, despite your refusal to return to Me, your loving Father, and I WILL be your God forever. That is all” (3/13/12, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament).