Words from God the Father – 89

“(…) I will lead you. I will lead you, as I led My children the Israelites out of the slavery and oppression of Egypt. Have no fear, I shall be with you all the way. My people, My children – many of My children – do not know what is coming, for they refuse in their hearts to listen to My Word. Therefore, I have to send them others, to grab their attention; to bring them back to Me, the Lord their God, for they have gone astray. My children are MY children, no matter where they are and regardless of who they may be. All souls on earth are Mine because I created them; they belong solely to Me, not My enemy. Thus, I want them all back, safely held in My divine bosom, until the end of all time . . . I desire My children – ALL of My children – to return to live in My Divine Heart. I bless you with Paternal Love (3/15/12).