Words from God the Son – 19

“Come and rest in My Heart which has been opened for all mankind. Come into My Life, do not stay away from Me. I love you. Just rest in My Heart. I will cure you, I will heal you, from all the wounds incurred at the hands of mankind. I love you. Come to Me, all you who tire, and I will give you rest. Come to Me, all of you who are hungry and thirsty, and I will give you food and drink – My Body and Blood. Come, do not stay away, for I love you with an insane love. Come and love Me, for I love you with a love that you cannot comprehend. I love you, My children, My creatures, I love you; that is why I died for you. Come, come and eat of My Body while you still can for, soon, you will be unable to do so freely any longer. Come, therefore, while there is still time, for you will regret not coming once all the events predicted will come to pass. I love you.”

 “(…) You have rejected My Father, O man, and think you have Life within you – My Spirit. And yet, verily I say to you, no one who rejects My Father accepts Me, for My Father and I are One, in the unity of Our most Holy Spirit: Triune God, One and forever. I love you, but you have loved Me not. You have despised Me, you have spat upon Me, mocked Me, tortured Me, and crucified Me. What more do you want? I died for you, but you continue to refuse to return, to My Sacred Heart and My Father’s bosom. How long do you think My Father’s patience will last, O unfaithful generation? How long do you think you can get away with murder and all the other endless atrocities that you daily commit? I love you and I will always love you, but I cannot say the same for you.”

“Come, come to Me whenever you need, and you will find rest and refreshment from Life Himself (…) I have been betrayed and am still being betrayed by many, including those who are My very own. Your Savior knows what it means to be betrayed” (3/20/12, during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament).